Sunday, January 4, 2015

You won't believe it.....

When we have problems with technology in our classrooms, we submit a help ticket to our central office and then based on the filters, it is sent to the tech that can best help us resolve the problem.  I recently had one that our tech said she was going to frame.....she had never seen this request before:

Additional Info: Have you ever had this one???  A student had a nosebleed at the computer and there is blood in between and underneath the control key and the key next to it.  I've unplugged the keyboard from the computer and set it on the gray counter.

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I knew the keys needed to be popped off and the keyboard sanitized, but I didn't know what was safe to use to get rid of the blood and what was safe that would not ruin the keyboard.  She gave me a new keyboard for the time being......she didn't know either!