Sunday, April 13, 2008

Memorable Moment #2

I was particularly pleased one day when I saw one of my second grade students laughing while reading his Amelia Bedelia book. In this particular passage, Amelia Bedelia was supposed to take attendance at a school, or “call the roll.” If you are familiar with Amelia Bedelia books, you know that Amelia Bedelia frequently gets confused. Rather than “calling the roll,” Amelia Bedelia “called the roll.” She set a dinner roll on the ground and called to it. I asked him what he was laughing at he replied with, “This is so funny, she called the roll” and he pretended to call a dog. I asked him what she should have done and he said she was supposed to call the kids’ names.

Through this qualitative, narrative experience, I learned several things about this child that I may not have learned with a typical reading test. I know that Ky not only was able to effectively decode the words on the page, but he also comprehended the text. Moreover, he applied his comprehension to what he knew about school and understood the joke!

I love to see children enjoying books and literature. When I see children responding emotionally to books, I am hopeful that the personal, emotional connection they are developing will encourage them to be lifelong readers.

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