Thursday, May 15, 2008

More Summer Activities

It's hard to believe that I haven't even finished the end of the school year and yet I am starting plans for summer school!

When I teach summer school, I have two priorities: 1) help children practice and master the skills they need to continue working on 2) organize skill and concept work around a fun theme!

For this summer, I have been thinking about a Pirate theme. Kids seem to enjoy the excitement and adventure associated with pirates. I have to say, my conservative nature steers the ideas more towards treasure and adventure and skill development rather than a true historical representation of what pirates were really about!

The following are some resources and ideas I plan on using this summer:

Online Game: Disney BunnyTown Captain Dan

Treasure Hunt Ideas and More

Map Skills Ideas

Pirate Theme Unit

Lego Pirate ship

Scroll Down to the Pirate Day Idea at this link:

Pirate Crafts and more

Sunken Treasure By Gail Gibbons

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