Monday, June 9, 2008

Phrase question?

Recently, Mrs. V posted some great word combinations that her children made up. It got me thinking....

Not that we are kids, but on a similar strand, my friend and I make up phrases to go with situations.

Our most used is "porch lag." My husband said it to me tonight when it took 20 minutes to say good bye to my mom and my sisters...starting at the dining room table, moving to the family room, then the driveway....eventually he whispered to me, "Enough porch lag, say good bye." Porch lag is the amount of time it takes to actually leave a relative's house, starting at the time you initally say "we need to go" and ending at the time that you actually leave the driveway.

My friend and I have been looking for a phrase for "the number of times you go back into your house for one more thing before you leave for school in the morning.."

Any suggestions?


Mrs.V said...

I think it is more of a math equation:

number of hours slept x number of times snooze button is hit divided by the number of cups of coffee that were drank = teacher leave/return numbers

(Additional factors could include shower time, offspring care, breakfast availabilty and time spent searching for the right outfit.)

I have severe "returnitis" myself. LOL ;)

Michelle_special_ed_teacher said...

Yes! Your math equation does make sense with this morning's episode....

Slept for only 5 hours (b/c I was reading a good book) x waking up early in the summer to take my husband to work because his truck is in the shop divided by one cup of coffee and wet hair = going back into the house for travel cup of coffee + going back a second time for school keys + going back in a third time for cell phone then shouting to my husband to call my phone so I could hear it (it was in the car).

Would that be triple returnitis? Or do I get bonus points for returning for something that I already had?

Mrs.V said...

ROFL.... Bonus points, I say!