Sunday, October 12, 2008

Hot Pumpkin

Shelley Lovett at Childcareland has started posting YouTube videos about the lessons she teaches with the materials she creates and gathers.

This month she posted a lesson about playing a game "Hot Pumpkin" (similar to hot potato) during her large group time.

Here are the features that I think Shelley does exceptionally well with her site and her pumpkin video:

  • She provides and models the materials.
  • She gives suggestions for alternative materials.
  • When she purchases materials, she tells where they are purchased and the cost.
  • She identifies potential problems and provides cautions against them.
  • She creates a lesson that can be naturally differentiated!
  • She demonstrates how she differentiates with different skill levels.
  • She explains how she makes her teacher decisions.
  • She tells where she gets her music and offers alternatives.

Check out more of the videos of Shelley's Lessons and explore all of the creations on her site.

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