Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Pre-k Paperwork, Planning and Packing

Talk about four "p's" in a pod!

Could the end of the school year get any busier? Probably not!

Paperwork! How can you end the school year without a plethora of paperwork? Progress reports, articulation reports, kindergarten transition meetings, eligibility meetings, dismissal meetings, review of RtI data...are we done yet? I guess it just goes with the territory and the time of year. However, this year, in particular, has made me very thankful that I am a teacher and not a procedural compliance specialist!

Planning! I also just got notice that I received a very coveted summer school position. In the economic crisis, my district had many, many teachers apply for summer school jobs with less positions available this year. I'm so lucly I got a position, but of course, I have to work for my pennies. I will have a whole new group of kids to learn and plan lessons for.

Packing! I hate packing. I hate packing a suitcase to go on a weekend trip. (Obviously this is the one of the four p's that I'll let myself complain about.) My pre-k program is being moved to another school. As a result, I have to organize and pack the room. Did I tell you I hate packing?

The four P's here started my assistant and me singing today (because that's what we do in pre-k)

There are 7 days

There are 7 days

There are 7 days left this year

We can make it

Only 7 days

Only 7 days left this year
mind games...7 days times 7.5 hours equals 52.5 (that's really only two days and a few hours)

(Tomorrow is field day and 6 days left!)

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