Friday, June 19, 2009

Scatman Video about Stuttering

Another video that my husband found and forwarded to me.......

Here are some other links and information about John Scatman.

Wikipedia Information

Lyrics posted on the Stuttering Forum

Interview script


CathyO said...

I wanted to tell you about a support organization that helps people who stutter - actually, Scatman John has attended a few of our conferences!

As a person who stutters, I find that emotional support is just as important as therapy for our stuttering (if not more important). To meet other people who stutter who can relate to what we go through with our stuttering helps us accept our stuttering more than anything else. For 33 years the National Stuttering Association, which is the largest self-help non-profit organization for people who stutter in the country, has connected kids and adults who stutter to other kids and adults who stutter through local chapter meetings, workshops and annual conferences in which over 600 people who stutter attend each year! Conferences in recent years have included such keynote speakers as VP Joe Biden, Arthur Blank (Owner, Atlanta Falcons), Adrian Peterson (Chicago Bears), Annie Glenn, John Melendez and John Stossel. They all shared truly amazing stories.

To learn more, pls contact them at:, or 1-800-937-8888

Michelle_special_ed_teacher said...

Thanks for the link to NSA. I was not familiar with this. After checking out the website, the conference looks informative, supportive and like it's a lot of fun!

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