Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My Dining Room.....

Does this look familiar to anyone? I bet I'm not the only one!

This is what my dining room has looked like for the past two weeks. A few things have contributed to this disaster. I boxed up materials I would need for ESY for myself and let 2 other friends borrow materials for their ESY classes, too. I'm moving to a new elementary school in the fall and although ESY has ended, now I need to wait a little bit longer to give the custodians a chance to do their "deep clean" on my new room.

Thank goodness I have an understanding husband and a table in our breakast nook!


Anonymous said...

Most of my house looks like that. I keep changing grades and levels so I have so much stuff. I keep everything in case I work with kids who could use it again.

Michelle_special_ed_teacher said...

The really crazy part of this picture is that I have purged most of my things from the upper grade levels. Hopefully I'll get my things organized next week when I can get into my classroom.

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