Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Daily Five Chapter 3

With all the concepts about setting up your room and gathering materials in chapter 3, the thing I most focused on was teaching my studetns the concept of a "good fit" book.

My assistants and I implemented the lesson outlined in the book that shows kids the concept of a good fit compared to the concept of shoes fitting well.  I brought in my husband's golf shoes, my scuba diving fins, my niece's tennis shoes (who is 3), a pair of high heels, etc.  The kids really started to understand that there was a difference to purpose and interest.

We have all of our books in bins and labeled according to their levels.  The students had their individual levels assigned to them and posted in the reading log folders.  I was in for a BIG surprise, however.

Shame on me....because they could pick out books in the library according to their levels and because they could tell me their levels, I assumed they could find them from our classroom library too.  Wrong!  They didn't understand the concept of a range.  So when I pulled out books and was showing them how to return them to our classroom library, I got lots of nods.  When I handed each child a random book and asked them to return it to the classroom library, they couldn't do it.  They didn't know that the bucket labeled 2.0-2.4, included levels 2.0, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3 and 2.4.

When I figured out they couldn't return books to the right spot, I decided to ask them to show me which buckets they would look in if they wanted to find a book at their level....again, they didn't know how to do it!

We had to have several days of practicing cleaning up the books and finding books in their ranges before they understood this.

That was a good wake up call for me.  I didn't really even think about understanding the concept of a range being a prerequisite skill for be able to access books quickly and easily at their levels.


Miss Pontsler's 3rd Grade Class Blog said...

I loved this post regarding Daily 5 - I too use aspect of the Daily 5 in my classroom, but I have never thought about the fact that not all of my students might not get the idea of a "range." Every year I have students in my classroom that struggle to pick out these "good fit books" despite being given a range to pick from. Next year, I am definitely going to remember this, and see if by providing them with a little education on ranges, I can help them to become more effective at picking out this good fit books.

Anonymous said...

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Thirs Mendleson said...

I am a teacher along with being a special education advocate so I always enjoy reading about different teaching methods. It's a shame a lot of funding for special education teachers is being cut this year. We are all going to have to get a little more clever in the way we teach. said...

We have all of our guides in containers and marked according to their stages. The learners had their personal stages allocated to them and published in the studying log files.decided to ask them to demonstrate me which pails they would look in if they desired to discover a guide at their stage.

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